Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Honeysuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags Review

When I saw Melodie of Breastfeeding Mom’s Unite post a tweet about needing a pumping mom to review a new milk storage bag that is biodegradable I jumped at the chance.

I’ve talked on my blog before about my pumping situation. Right now I pump 3 times a day and normally get around 20oz and Dot normally only eats at most 12oz while I’m gone to the office. So basically I end up freezing one bag 4 to 5 days a week of about 8oz each.

After using these bags for a week I really can't find anything I didn't like. They have a tamper evident tear off seal, a large opening at the mouth and a double zipper at the top to prevent leaks. The write on tab is quite large which is very nice. One other thing is the texture of the write on tab. I write the date with a permanent marker and the tab seemed to help the ink dry quickly to reduce smearing once in the deep freeze.

The other thing I noticed about the bag was the reinforced bottom. The bottom portion of the bag where it folds in has what looks to be an extra layer of plastic. This is where I have seen leaks in the past during the thawing process.

I did what I thought was a good test of the bag. On Sunday I put about 8oz of milk in the bag and dated it like normal then put it in the deep freezer. On Thursday night I brought it back out and did a quick thaw under cold running water.

The bag shows markers for the amount in it and I purposely filled it fuller than expected to really test it. I am happy to report that we had no leaks at all during the thawing process. The bag held up very well after being in the bottom of my deep freezer for the week.

Overall I was very happy with the bags and the opportunity to review them. the bags worked well and I really had no complaints at all. They can be purchased from  and the company is working to get them on store shelves soon. 

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TheFeministBreeder said...

Hi, found you from BreastfeedingMomsUnite and I can't believe I haven't stumbled across you before! I've got two boys, and until last september I was working full time, finishing my undergrad full time at night, pumping 'round the clock to keep my supply up when I wasn't with my baby for sometimes days at a time, and somehow I managed to keep (a shred of) my sanity in the process. I left my full-time job last September to take 18 hours per semester of school and work on my other business. It's still nuts, but not as bad.

I wish I'd known about these milk storage bags back then. I haven't needed to pump in months, but I'm sure I will for next baby. Thanks!