Friday, January 23, 2009

Work Situation and general update

I’ve talked about my job a little on here but I am just fed up. I like the company just not my group in the office. I get along with everyone but my group is just a bunch of jerks. I have found myself more and more pushed aside since we came back from new years and Christmas break. I applied for a job in another department but got an email stating that I wasn’t selected for an interview. WTF? So after talking to some people I found out that the company system didn’t have it showing that the group had work and therefore had to close the requisition. Then I found out last week that the other reason I am not moving at this moment is political of sorts. My boss at cooperate headquarters wants me to stay, but my local boss wants nothing to do with me. Gotta love it. So at the moment I am stuck. The guys I am currently around give me no respect what so ever and about once a week make snide comments about how useless my master’s degree is anyway. I’ve gotten to the point that I keep some sort of music on at all times so I don’t have to listen to what they are saying about how horrible their kids, wife, dog, ect are. I’ve found myself thrilled to get out of the office to go to school lately just to get away from them. The thing about the group I was hoping to transfer to is they respect me. Yes I have a ton of questions but I know how this stuff is installed, I know the aircraft, I know the software and they aren’t intimidated by it. I actually had one of the guys give me compliment last Friday that he thought I looked really good. It shocked me because my group ends up telling me I eat to much and that I’m going to get fat, and anything else they can think of at the time. I’ve even stopped going to breakfast on Friday’s because I just can’t deal with it anymore. I can’t deal with just getting one piece of French toast with skim milk and having them look at me like I eat too much while they stuff down an omelets, tater tots, and anything else they feel like that day.

Ok enough about work. School is keeping me really busy. Compressible Aerodynamics and Uncertanty analysis are a lot of work. Compressible though is the most work. Its not that its really hard it just takes so long to do. I've estimated the past 2 weeks I've spent almost 30 hours a week on all my homework combined. I do like both of the professors but its not going to be an easy semester.

So anyone who reads my husbands blog knows that we will be heading to Nashville in a couple of weeks to meet up with some other bloggers. I can not wait. This is actually the first little trip we have taken in a very long time that doesn't involve hockey. I am so excited!!!

Also this week has just been disturbing to me. I've been hearing more stories of babies and toddler being abused and it brings me to tears every time. I guess after hearing all of these things I just appreciate Butters more. I mean it all seems to go back to how I feel. I really try and not to be the weekend parent. I dont want Butters to ever think that I won't be there for him or don't have time for him during the week. I really feel that its important for me even at this age to be home in the afternoon and spend quality time with him at night so he does honestly understand that I am and will be there for him.I

I just had to get all this out so sorry if its just all really random.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday's and Dumb ass guys at work

So I've been off work for almost 2 weeks now and I am going stir crazy. I love spending time with W and Butters but I can only be at home for so long before I feel the need to get back to academia or the office.

But the Friday before I left I went to breakfast at our normal place and was completely appalled at what I heard. This time the topic of conversation was how the guys I work with have so little involvement with their kids. For my sanity there is one guy who doesn't agree with all this and if it weren't for him some days I might loose my mind listing to all this. The guys were mainly talking about how they hate changing diapers. Granted I don’t know anyone who is thrilled about it, but it needs to be done and I don’t see why they don’t use that time to get to know their child better. One guy went as far as to say that he had 4 kids and changed all of 2 diapers. So where do I begin with how much I disagree with all this? First off I just feel like these guys would think so much differently if their child was taken away from them. I mean I see every day how much it tears W up that his daughter is 2000 miles away and he never gets to see her and only talk to her once or twice a week. How would they feel not getting to see their kids on their birthday or Christmas? What would they do then? I wonder how they would feel about never spending time with their kids then? It just makes me so mad!

Then there is the thing about not spending time with their kids.They are flat out proud that they are sperm donors and really don't take the initiative to do anything with their kids that their wife doesn't arrange for them. I take time all the time to do little things with Butters and Mac (when she’s here) to do little things. Because; in my mind just sitting on the floor and reading a book or making something can mean the world. It just shows that I do care about them and I am interested in what is going on with them and what they are trying to do. Like when I take Butters out for our little date night. Granted going to chik fil a and a play group or play ground might not like seem like much, but at least I am making an effort to get to know him better and show him that I do care.It all just made me really angry!!!!

So everyone is making new years resolutions. The last few years I haven't but this year instead of making resolutions I am going to list things I would like to accomplish with in the next year.

1. work out more- granted people that know me and read this are laughing to some degree. Right now my work outs have consisted of hockey once a week and running after Butters on our daily walks. I feel like its not enough. I would like to get back into the gym at 5am 2 days a week or so. I would also like to get on the wii fit more. Granted I weigh in around 125 now but I just like working out because I feel so much better about myself.

2. spend more quality time with W and Butters- since W got netfix on the 360 I think we can start making a date night every couple of weeks after Butters goes to bed. I also want to continue our walks and encourage his interest of hockey. My goal since he just got his skates is to take him to a public skate about every other month. He loves the ice and hockey and I want to encourage this love.

3.Give up soft drinks- granted I love the occasion Dr. Pepper and wiskey or rum, but other than that I would like to start drinking more crystal light (since I don't like drinking just water.)

I think that's about it for now. Its just things I want to improve on and I will work on.