Sunday, January 24, 2010

Body after baby week 3. What motivates you.

This week went by extremely fast once again. Between work and family I feel like I've been in constant motion.

The good news is I am still gradually loosing weight. I weighed in this morning at 132.8. Also even after I said I wasn't going to track everything I eat, W found a site that syncs with my blackberry called fat secret. I've been tracking everything for about the past week and I'm really surprised. I'm not getting really bent out of shape about the days I cheat and I still do just about everything in moderation. Doing this has really helped me with my portion control this week. I'm feeling pretty good about things and have only had problems with my body a few times this week.

Also this week was my first hockey scrimmage. Thankfully the coach matched up the beginners vs beginners and the advanced vs other advanced players. The game went really well and I felt after the first period that I was starting to remember things. After my first two shifts on the ice though I felt the pain. I was so out of breath and winded I thought that I was doomed. But that was the least of my worries. I ended up falling and nailing my tailbone twice during the game. By the end of the game I was still going but man was I sore. When I got home that night I told W that I broke my butt and all he could do was laugh!

So this week's question for body after baby over at Mama Notes was what motivates you. Well both my kids and husband motivate me. I want to show my kids a good example and also take care of my self to be there for W as well. I truely enjoy being active and playing most sports. Its important to me for the kids to see me as an active healthy mom.

Also this week's challenge was to do 30 minutes of excersize 5 to 6 days a week. So far I'm doing well. Most of mine gets broken up into 10 minutes at a time or so but I generally can get 30 minutes in every day just in smaller incriments.

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