Sunday, January 31, 2010


So some of you have noticed the last post I did was a product review. Well I wanted to let people know that my blog is about to start changing slightly. I’ve been contacted by a couple of other companies about doing product reviews. I have accepted and they will be posted here in the coming months.

I will still be posting about how things are. I have a couple of posts in mind with more about the reverse roll family that we have and about current things going on (kids, school, hockey ect).

I’ll be getting to these posts when I get a chance. To be perfectly honest I do all these posts when I get a chance in my free time. I tend to do them during lunch at work or after the kids are in bed so at times they can be few and far between depending on how busy I am between work and home. So please bear with me in the coming weeks while I attempt to get things going again and get these posts done.

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