Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John Hagee on SAHD's

"For others its laziness, you're too lazy to work and support your children. I'm talking about men. You call yourself Mr. Mom, God calls you a bum. St. Paul says you are worse than an infidel. Let me look you right in the eye and tell you that Hell is your future home if all you do is sit on your backside and let your wife support you in your life." John Hagee

I came home one night and W showed me the Youtube video of Jon Hagee and his speech about his thoughts on men being the care givers to their children rather than the women. He automatically assumes that these men are all lazy because they stay home. This is so far from the truth that it really irritated me. Granted W and most other SAHDs have endured the looks and snide comments but this just takes things to a whole new level. I know W is NOT lazy. I swear Butters keeps me on my toes all weekend so I can only imagine what he goes through in a given week.

The last comment about letting your wife support you is also just wrong. I guess Mr. Hagee never imagined that a woman would suggest such thing to her husband like I did to W so long ago. I guess Mr. Hagee thinks that either both parents should work and the kids be in day care or just the husband. Granted our case was an easy decision. I make much more than W working full time so it only made sense that I work outside of the home while he stays and takes care of Butters during the day.

Then again according to his logic because I work, go to graduate school and play hockey I guess I'm also a bad mother. Wow I can't help but laugh at all that nonsense!

I realize that this is all a rant and I'm ok with that. I just had to make my opinion known of how much I disagree with this man regarding my family structure and what works for us.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Oh these are the days where I miss being an undergraduate. Yes you read that right I miss being an undergraduate sometimes. Mainly I miss it because as an undergrad you aren’t held to the incredibly high expectations as in grad school. I got my grades back today and I have a C in DOE and an A in reliability. Granted this sucks because I might have to re-take DOE but I still have a 3.0 average.

Ah well, the joys of grad school. Hey at least my company is paying for it. I just ordered books and the total was just shy of $300.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So I apologize for not updating from the past post but things have been moving at such a fast pace that its been hard for me to even keep up.

The eating thing is getting better. I’ve found that even if I eat late, I need something after hockey. The last few weeks I’ve been going to Applebee’s with the other women and just getting a fruit smoothie helps so much. Granted I am still dog tired the next day but that’s to be expected. Also luckily the guys at work have stopped being so critical of when I eat and what I eat. I just try and eat when I’m hungry and not over eat. Other than that I’ve stopped really watching what I eat so much because I tend to be overly critical.

But of course the guys stop one thing to start another. The last few weeks I started getting a lot of crap because of school. I take my 3 hours that I am allotted every week and these guys don’t see it as bettering myself, but as me just not being here. One person I talked to about this made a good point. First off I have to consider the source and secondly “Remember that you're a threat to them: young, inexpensive, and female. You're showing ambition. Chances are that these guys don't see upward mobility for themselves and do for you and are, sadly, threatened by that. So they're going to try to sabotage you because
you can have what they can't.” And this is completely true. These guys just want to drag me down with them and I can’t let that happen. Grade will be posted tomorrow so all I can do now is hope for the best. My DOE final was rough but that was to be expected. I know I studied for it as best I could and I think I did ok, but when I think I do ok on a test that’s never good. So basically I’m expecting the worst and hoping for the best.

So next semester I have another 2 classes lined up. This time is air breathing propulsion and systems engineering. Propulsion is going to be a tough class, but I don’t think systems will be too bad while systems should be easy but tedious.

On another note Butters is finally walking…. A little. He walks when we make him, but if he can get away with it, he crawls. I swear walking is just too over rated for him and he just doesn’t care. He can do it when he wants to and he’s proved that, but most of the time he just doesn’t care to.

I have yet another thing I need to do as well. I have been neglecting my teeth for quite a while after fears of the dentist. So right now I am working on a way to financially afford all the work that needs to be done as well as a dentist to do it all.

Ok I think that's about all for now. I am trying to take it easy the next couple of weeks with no school beign in session.