Friday, September 18, 2009

34 weeks going to Labor and Delivery and Antepartum Units

So let me start by saying earlier this week I was having a lot of prelabor. Meaning I was up half the night with contractions that were between 4 and 7 minutes apart but not getting any stronger. Thursday at work things started to pick up a little but I still thought nothing of it. Finally round noon I called W and said I might need him to come get me if things didn't calm down. At this point the contractions were between 4 and 5 minutes apart. Well I guess I just got used to them until about 2 when they started getting between 2 and 3 minutes apart. At 2:30pm I decided I needed to go home. I called W and told him I was on my way.

I got home and even after laying down they were steady. So I called my OB's office and they said to go onto L&D. We left around 3:30 after getting the last few things together. Once we got to the hospital we checked in and were taken back to a room. After being hooked up to monitors there was no doubt that I was in labor. The contractions were coming about 1.5 minutes a part. They were varying in intensity but felt pretty uncomfortable to me. When I was checked I was 3cm, 70%effaced and -2 station.

The on call doctor came in to talk to me while W took Butters out and told me they were going to do what they could to stop the contractions and after a couple of hours re-evaluate. I was given a shot of terbutaline and an IV was started. The terbutaline did very little and once my bloodwork came back I was given procardia again. After a little while longer the nurses did shift change and my new nurse came in and gave us the news. The on call doctor wanted to keep me over night in the antepartum unit and give me a cocktail of terbutaline, procardia and ambien to help me sleep and see if I progressed any further.

So we were taken to the new room around 2030. The nurse there was shocked I never ate dinner and grabbed me a sandwhich before I had to take my meds.

Ok let me say this. Ambien was no fun. I'm not sure how much I got but after about 5 minutes I started seeing double and passed out. Not my kind of drug.

The rest of the night was filled with having to constantly get up to go to the bathroom due to all the fluids they were pumping into me and having to call my nurse to reset the pump. Where the IV was placed in my arm cause the pump to go nuts everytime I bent it.

Around 0800 this morning I was checked again and had made no progress so they decided to send me home. More procardia was given and I was told to make an appointment with my normal OB very early in the week next week. I have an appointment Monday morning assuming I don't end up back in the hospital.

The last thing the OB on call told me was that he didn't think it would be much longer.

So we are home now. The procardia is having about the same effect it did in the hospital. I still have contractions about every 8 to 10 minutes. Now though I have developed the lovely problem of very bad low back pain. The only way to describe this as gross as it may seem is like being very consitpated and you can not go. The pain comes and goes but is pretty constant all the time. I have no appetite and have to remind myself that I need to eat at times.

I'm incredibly frustrated and I am doing all I can to just tell W how I feel and not take it all out on him or Butters. I'm frustrated with this mess that keeps happening. I hate being on drugs and developing a tolerace to them and people not believing me. I hated being discharged today without having held her in my arms.

So now we wait again. Right now I just keep thinking about what the on call doctor said to keep me going. It won't be too much longer and I really hope he was right.

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I hope all is ok... been thinking about you!