Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A year with HH2

I can't believe it but it’s already been a year since HH2 was born. There have been many sleepless nights but they have all been worth it. In the beginning braving the NICU every 4 hours to see him and in some cases to get peed on was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But looking at him today you can never tell that there was ever a problem. He has progressed by leaps and bounds that I never imagined. His vocabulary is growing week by week and he is slowly starting to pick up some signs. Of course he has his favorites. Favorite words seem to be mama and dada while the favorite sign is “all done”. He loves to watch a nascar race when ever there is one on TV and say uh-oh at just the right time. His new favorite character is elmo and he is still my little hockey fan through and through.

This also marks something big for me. I have officially completed my goal of nursing for a full year. Granted there have been plenty of times that I was ready to give up but thankfully I never did. After pumping for three months I was happy to go back to nursing while I was at home and just pumping at work and first thing in the morning. A lot of getting through it all was my support system from not only W but other moms in a local group that I met and the other part was just me being stubborn. I did not want him to ever have to need formula. So now here we are at a year and at this point I'm still going to let him nurse on demand for a while longer. I still say that I am going to do child led weaning but in all honesty I am going to take it just like I did nursing in the beginning which is just month by month, week by week or in some cases day by day. I think that's really the only fair way to do it for both of us right now.

This also marks the one year anniversary of W officially becoming a SAHD. I don't tell him enough how grateful I am that he agreed to this for us, but I truly am.

So here we are at a year and I can't believe the day is here. He's come so far from the sick baby boy that I first saw in the NICU whose first order of business when we came down to see him was to pee on W. Now he is a cruising and almost walking one year old little boy who has defiantly stole my heart from the day he was born!


Ethel said...

Congratulations! A year of mothering, working, school, and nursing . . . wow. And your husband has been a SAHD for a full year - that's also something very unusual!

I started calling our "weaning style" family-led weaning. It sounds a lot like what you may end up doing - mostly child-led, but I feel comfortable pushing back occasionally when nursing starts to become stressful. It's essentially what we are doing with potty-training as well.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday! I am an April mommy from babyfit (MrsJennyM) and I can't believe it has been a year already. I am excited about reaching the 1 year nursing mark too. Way to go!