Monday, March 10, 2008

How is it that I stay so busy yet feel so alone at times?

This thought came to me this morning as I saw another one of the mommy meetups I belong to schedule a meetup for the weekday. I’m not trying to complain or get sympathy because I do like what I do, but it just seems like there are times where I don’t think that most people get me. I feel like such the odd ball being the one who works, goes to school and still tries to spend time with my boys. I really wish that there were a group of other moms in the area that got together once a month on the weekends at a park or somewhere else that doesn’t cost money to get in. I guess I feel much like W does at times and just partially disconnected from the world. I spend so much time at work, then school and then at home that I really don’t have any other interaction with other moms. I really have very little interaction with other women except my stats professor. I have no clue why all of this really started, but here it is anyway.


Ethel said...

I get you. I feel the same way sometimes. It helps that I love my work, and I know exactly why we chose to structure our family like this. But I'm really surprised by how often I need to run over the laundry list of reasons we reversed the traditional family to motivate or reassure myself.

Right now, we are about to move to Everett, WA from Seattle, WA - and our first house. I'm a little nervous. I'm looking forward to living near a bunch of good friends who share my religion and many of my values. However, I'm a little scared that they will think family isn't important to me because I work, when it is actually very important to me. I would be happy to spend hours just talking about family and children while watching our kids play together, just like many of them do.

There are actually a number of moms at work I talk to, but many of them seem to have a much more casual attitude towards family.

I don't have to balance school, at least. Kudos to you for doing so! My sister did school + work + baby, and it was a lot of work. It sounds like your husband is a great man, though, and like you have a wonderful family.

Thank you for your blog. It means a lot to me to hear from someone in such a similar situation to my own. You aren't alone, and it means a lot to me to know that I'm not alone either.

V said...

You know I find the same thing around here. There is only one other woman that works on my side of the building and while she has a son close to HH2 age her and her husband both work and put thier son in day care. I do like my work and at times grad school. I also love the weekends when I get to relax a little and have family time. I guess what people don't understand about women like us is that by working we are putting our families first. We are giving them a stay at home parent who can care for them better than any day care.

Thanks for the comments. acutally one of the reasons that I started doing this was I saw the comment you posted on gamingwithbaby and read your blog and was amazed that there was another person like me out there and figured there had to be more. That and I needed to talk about what its like to be a working/ nursing mother and making it work since I have no one locally that really understands.