Monday, March 10, 2008

random update

So it’s been about a week since I last posted and there of course has been drama. First my grandmother did pass early last Saturday morning. It was expected just still not easy to deal with. The funeral and viewing went well. HH2 did great the entire time and only got freaked out a little at the viewing and slept all through the funeral. It of course it’s ironic or sad (or both) that the only time everyone on that side of the family gets together is for a funeral. On the plus side I did get to see a lot of the back trails around the house that I never knew were there. Also the rest of the family finally got to meet HH2, but of course it was under less than ideal conditions.

So, in light of all that I missed one stats class and I am desperately trying to catch up. I am just about done with catching up on stats, and I still hate flight testing, I swear this professor has it out for me. Also in the midst of the funeral and everything I completely forgot to take a stats quiz which I am worried will kill my grade but so far my professor says not to worry about it too much and she would keep an eye on it with me. I’ve gone over all the lecture slides from last Tuesday but I still feel behind. Also with a flight testing exam coming up I’m of course worried. I know the guys at work will be asking me to work over this week and being the glutton for punishment that I am I’ll end up working it. So this should be a fun week, flight testing exam Thursday, stats homework due Thursday, plus around 18 hours of overtime. Yeah I’m going to be a zombie this week. I’m just thankful that W understands and doesn’t get too mad at me for being so strung out for weeks at a time.

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Ethel said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother, even though I read your earlier posts and knew it was coming.

I know what you mean about how the only time family gets together is for a funeral. My family is out of people to get married, so funerals are the only major occasion these days.

I'm not sure I'm up to being the one to organize a reunion, though. I'm an engineer, Jim, not a social butterfly.