Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On the defensive again

So this week I have found myself once again defending my choices to the guys. Since I talked about playing hockey (which in hind sight was a bad idea) the comments have been comical but at the same time struck a chord with me somehow. I kept my cool as usual and just did my normal stewing away from them since its even worse to let them know something bothered you. Basically we were having our normal morning coffee and impromptu bs meeting and the guys asked if I was serious about playing hockey. I of course told them yes. They then said they just didn’t understand how I could do that and take time away from my family since I was already in grad school.

Now here’s what gets me. Both DA1 and DA2 go out once a week and have guys night. Neither one get home to see their kids go to bed, but yet feel its their right as men to be able to have a guys night and go drink once a week. My question is how is me playing hockey on Thursday nights after grad school any different?

Personally I need the mental and physical break from school and work. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and spending time with them, but I need some sort of release. I used to work out quite a bit in the morning but since we have had so much over time that I haven’t been able to get over there. Martial arts as also a great stress relief but I haven’t been able to do that in a very long time. So now I start a new activity and stress relief. Already we have a tournament scheduled for the end of April. It should be a good trip just because my finals for ISE601 and MAE680 are the night before.

So tonight is my first practice with the team and we will just have to see how everything goes. With any luck things will go well and I won’t be too banged up tomorrow.

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Ethel said...

Isn't that interesting?

My sister has run into so many variations on this theme in her job. Actually, her husband got it worse - because she was investing in her career more than he was (at the same company).

People at my work, on the other hand, just seem to "get it". It's outside of work that I feel akward - like I've been branded as a "career woman" and therefore cannot be a "family woman" - although a MAN can support his family financially and still earn the title of "family man" in his remaining hours. Even if he plays on a hockey team too.