Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Can I get one normal kid?

A couple of weeks ago when I took Elliot to her two year checkup with her pediatrician we were going through the long list of developmental questions when the one about speech came up.

I was dreading this because I knew that she wasn't up to par with other 2 year olds. After talking for a while her doctor agreed that she was probably delayed and referred us to early intervention to see if she qualified for services through the state.

I set everything up thinking they were going to tell us we were nuts and that she was fine and would be talking non stop before we knew it.

But of course it didn't happen like that. We went through the evaluation and of course Elliot is a shy one to strangers so she clung close to me. After a few minutes of warming up she gradually got into the play/ testing. She did the block stacking with ease and engaged in pretend play with a bear going as far as wanting the bear wrapped up in a blanket.  When it came to the social/emotional skills she excelled like we knew she would.

The verbal skills were another thing though. When asked to point to a picture she might if she felt like it and would point to the wrong picture many times. She talked very little during the evaluation other than nodding her head or saying “that”. When it was all said and done we got the news. She did qualify for services in speech due to her delay being at least 25%. Basically right now she has speech ability of a one year old. Yeah that was a kick in the gut!

So right now we have a date to set up her IFSP (Individualized Family Services Plan) next week. At this point we will find out how many days a week she will have speech therapy from her therapist and how long each session will be. The plan will be adjusted in 6 months to address improvements and new goals.

This kind of early intervention therapy will be good for a year. If she needs additional support after that we will be moved to a new program with the help of our therapist and family services coordinator.

After Alvin’s mess you would think I would be prepared for it all but I just wasn’t. She is so outgoing and many people that have seen her in WA can attest to it.
Showing her independence

But just like her birth she has to follow in her brother’s footsteps. She entered the world very similar to her brother and now is following him in the speech delay department.
Alvin teaching her how to fly

So I will update this more once we get more information next week. The best thing I can say right now is I am just glad we are catching it all early.

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