Friday, August 7, 2009

Butters and other things

This is my second blog this week which means I've had a little too much free time!!

One of the things I haven’t talked about on this blog lately that I used to is Butters. He is now almost 2.5 years old and slowly turning W grey during the day. When I get home he acts like the entire day he has been starved to death. Now I vividly remember when he was an infant the minute I walked through the door he wanted to nurse. At the time I thought it was cute but its continued on through the toddler years.

One thing I can say that we are very happy about is at least right now he is not a picky eater. Given the chance he will try anything and everything. Most recently he and I both had our first gyro from a local greek place we love. He inhaled the entire half of it I gave him. Then after he was done went back in his high chair searching for piece he may have left behind. He has had many greek foods and loves all of them so far. He will eat salad as dinner with no problem and loves to try new things. I am loving this since my nieces and nephews all tend to be picky eaters. I know it might not last forever, but I am sure enjoying it while it lasts!

Also we have very slowly started potty training with him. Granted we weren’t planning on really getting into it until after Dot is here, but he is showing interest. He isn’t really consistent yet, but I tend to ask him a lot if he needs to go. Many times he is still dry which is nice. We aren’t doing any major rewards just yet except for a lot of praise. I think he is starting to understand when he is wet and will pull at his diaper. Most of the time that means its too late, but as I said we aren’t doing this full blown right now. When he goes that’s great and if he doesn’t that’s ok too.

I’ve been really preoccupied with how to prepare him for Dot’s arrival lately. I’ve read many schools of thought and honestly don’t know what to think. Thanks to a local nursing moms group and friends that have babies he has defiantly been exposed to babies. Normally he wants to see them, looks and laughs then goes on about doing something else. I know that this won’t last once Dot is here but part of me hopes that having been at least exposed to other babies will give him an idea of what is going on.

Oh and much to W's dismay he was right about something. Some time in the coming weeks I am planning a blog post about how I have toddler proofed some cloth diapers using snaps and velcro. I hate to say it but this was W's idea so I have to give him all the credit.

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