Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back on the road

So I just wanted to do a quick post before trying to get some rest. I left lovely 92degree weather in HSV today to fly to Novi MI by way of Detroit where the high is around 72. I’m up here for Catia V4 training for the next 3 days which I really need.

So far the trip has been ok. Luckily I got a GPS system in my rental car (a Chevy HHR) which has helped a lot. Of course though Murphy is following me in some ways.

1. When I got to the hotel I hooked the eee in and it would not work. Turns out after calling the tech support weenies they don’t know why it’s not playing well with Linux but it will work fine with my windows lap top.

2. This is a good and bad thing. When I got here they automatically upgraded me to a 2 room suite. This would be great if it wasn’t just me but the extra space just makes it lonelier even though I’m keeping busy.

3. After running over to the mall I consulted the GPS of where to get something for dinner. I saw Joe’s Crab Shack listed and decided to go there. Well 20 minutes later I get there and it’s not even open anymore. So instead I end up coming back to Famous Dave’s and having barbeque. Not all bad just frustrating.

4. My work laptop doesn’t support my DL classes so I can’t watch any of the video. I am going to be so behind when I get back!

On another note Alvin is officially weaned. He nursed for the last time last night before bed. I think we did the best at child led weaning that we possibly could have. He didn’t want to nurse anymore unless I got the boppy out. Other than that he was too busy going all over the place to care about nursing. We went for almost 14 straight months and made it through me having an oversupply issues and him not wanting to nurse for the first 3 months. I also pumped for a year straight at work at least once a day. I’m proud of how far he has come and amazed at the same time.

Ok I need to get some rest before tomorrow’s long day of training.

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