Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"You don’t want that for a snack”

I’ve never hidden that once a day I go and pump but most of the guys I work with just never realized it. I always figured they would be disgusted by it and just never bring it up, but I have mentioned that HH2 is not and will not be on formula. When I do pump and put it in the refrigerator it’s in a small gray draw string bag so that no one has to look at it and no one has ever asked what is in there until yesterday.

So yesterday I was about to leave to get ready for my stats test when on my way out I remembered that I didn’t grab the milk I pumped out of the small refrigerator in our area. As I was getting it one of the guys (DA2) said something to the effect of oh we were going to eat that while you were gone. To which another one of the guys (DA1) replied “Dude you don’t want that, trust me”. Suddenly he realized what was in there and the red color that DA2’s face turned was priceless. I rarely can disgust any of them and that certainly did it.

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