Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the new job update

This is a post I've been trying to get to for weeks but everytime I think about it I'm too tired or busy taking the kids to gym or any number of reasons.

The job so far has been amazing and very worth the move 2500 miles across country. The job itself is a liaison engineer and it keeps me on my toes. The training just to recieve full authority will take me a total of about 6.5 months total. The training entails rotating through 6 different groups within the factory. This exposes me to many different situations so that I'm ready for my end spot on the flight line. I spend  my days now running all over the factory and putting out fires and coordinating things with the shop. I work with a mentor in every group who shows me the ropes and works with me throughout the time I'm there. This has been a great experience and I'm learning more every day.

The thing is even my bad days right now are better than my good days before. I'm no longer a "CAD monkey" as I referred to my job so many times before. I am no longer the lowest person on the totem pole and treated as such. I am actually using my degree which is a huge step for me! The days are 8 hours or more every day, but the guys are fun and we can always laugh even though things just get crazy.

So far the move and job have all been worth it. The job and people that I work with are great. Not only has the job been good but also Alvin's progress. We are seeing huge steps. He is talking and singing songs and even asking for things without any prompting.

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