Monday, January 31, 2011

2 weeks until we move to WA!!!

I know I've been really bad about posting anything else since I announced the move and its just because we have been insanely busy. Between the holiday's and the shear logistics of getting us ready to move across country it's been really busy. I also accidentally over scheduled Alvin on Tuesday's so we go from occupational therapy to dinner to The Little Gym and his sports skills class.

Alvin has been doing really well in therapy and the gym. Of course we have good days and bad days. His private therapist (Miss Denise as he calls her) has fallen in love with him and he will do almost anything for her. The best so far with his sports skills class that he actually listened part of the time and tried to play with the other kids. The worst of it is when he just runs all over the place and acts wild. I try not to intervene but sometimes I have to because he is just too wild. Its all a work in progress though and that's what I have to keep in mind.The Little Gym is not only teaching him motor skills but also how to interact with the other kids.

The logistics of the move are another job in itself. We have our flights, temporary housing and everything nailed down now. The wait for the background check to clear was the worst. It took over 3 weeks to finally clear. We've been slowly saying goodbye to family both here and in Moody. We know we won't be back for about a year so we are trying to make sure we see everyone before we leave.

The best thing that's happened so far is my new boss has already contacted me. We've talked a few times and he has even assigned me a mentor that I've been talking to quite a bit. Right now it looks like they have everything ready for me to start work there which is really awesome! My mentor has been very helpful thus far and after our conversations I am very excited to start.

I told my boss at work last week and he seems happy for me. The guys in my group say I'm lucky to be leaving. The guys in my group are not happy with how things have been going and many of them are looking for other jobs as well. At this point I'm just the first to leave.

To say we are excited is an understatement. Excited, scared, nervous yeah its all hit. The overwhelming thing is that we are just ready to get going.

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