Thursday, March 25, 2010

To Butters on your 3rd birthday

In 3 years you went from this

To this

I’m still not quite sure how it all happened so fast. You are a constant challenge to us and your creativity of how to get to things never ceases to amaze us. You have been a great big brother to Elli even though most of the time you refuse to say her name and rather just call her baby. You love to try and give her a bottle and give her kisses. When she cries though you cover your ears and run!

You are our hockey playing little boy even now. You still love the game and get really mad when we try and change the channel. Over the past year you have made friends with players and coaches of our beloved UAH Chargers and have stolen many hearts at games with how well behaved and cute you are running around the VBC in your jersey. Of course this year also has been one of you learning the chants at games thanks to our good friend! Hearing you run around the house saying “U-A-H” and “ You feel shame. Sitdown hack. See you in 2 minutes or less” has been priceless. Of course you have also picked up other words too but sometimes I can’t help but laugh at how you say them.

Your 3rd birthday is starting out like the weekend you were born. UAH is off to the NCAA regional tournament and while we might not be at the game your father and I can’t forget how this time 3 years ago you were working on making your appearance.

Happy Birthday to my little boy!


Alaythea said...

I had NO idea you were from Huntsville, AL until I saw UAH Chargers! My family is originally from there and we still have lots of family there. I went to Cosmetology school there and my husband and I were married there also...we are seriously thinking about moving back within the next couple of years! That's so neat - and Happy birthday to your lil man! Gianna turned 3 this past Sunday! It's so crazy!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow! Happy birthday to him!