Friday, November 14, 2008

Graceful I am not

Anyone that remembers me from back in the day knows that I was voted most accident prone my senior year despite doing Ninpo Taijutsu for about 5 years. It was always the most odd thing. I would be incredibly graceful during classes at night yet I could trip over my own feet while just walking.

Well 2 nights ago this all came back.

We had our normal hockey practice on Wednesday night. It was a little tougher than normal since I was with the advanced group and the coaches were really pushing us hard. So after practice we were all wiped and ready to get cleaned off before heading to our local Applebees to grab a quick bite. After taking off all the big equipment I ran to the showers to turn them on early so they would be hot when we were ready. Well in my haste I neglected to see that there were a pair of skates in the way and proceded to hit toe next to the pinkie toe on the left foot pretty hard. At the time I thought nothing of it but by the time I got to the car I was in much more pain and decided to head home.

Upon arriving home W took one look and confirmed what I thought. I broke my toe. Yeah I feel stupid. So now I have a really sore toe, limping all over the place, and somehow need to be able to skate by tomorrow afternoon so that I can get on the ice for Skate with the Chargers with Butter and the oldest niece and nephew.

On top of all this I also fell in the shower Monday morning and have a large bruise on my shin to show for it and on Wednesday I ran into a chair at work and broke my badge. Yeah its been one of those weeks. Here's hoping I don't kill myself on the ice tomorrow!!

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